Sulis Garden Rooms Guarantee

Thank you for considering a Sulis Garden Room. We have been supplying quality buildings now for several years and our customers are still enjoying them now. I am sure you will have the same enjoyment from your building for many years to come.

In this guarantee document, the word “you” refers to the customer who has purchased the Sulis Garden Rooms building. The guarantee remains with you while you own the building. If you move house and have the building moved by Sulis Garden Rooms or an approved agent, the guarantee period remains unchanged.

Where possible, the structure of the building (base, walls, roof etc) have a 20 year Sulis Garden Rooms manufacturers guarantee. The guarantee terms are passed on by all of our materials suppliers, therefore there is a variance in the duration of the guarantee of the individual elements of the structure. The table down the page highlights the guarantee period for each part of the building.

If any item out of guarantee is replaced and paid for, the guarantee for this item is reset back to the
period as defined below.

Maintenance & Usage

Failure to follow these rules and guidelines will invalidate the guarantee since doing so will severely reduce the longevity of the building.

Keep vegetation and top soil clear of the external walls and perimeter French drain

Where the external timber (cedar) is treated with Dane Oil with UV protection, we would expect you to apply 1 more coat within 12 months and then an annual treatment is expected for the next 2 years and bi-annual thereafter to maintain appearance at installation.

Door and window frames should be cleaned with warm soapy water at regular intervals (generally not exceeding 2 months). Hardware (hinges, handles etc.) should be lubricated not less than once a year.

The cabin should be regularly used, at least once a month, and in the colder seasons this includes getting the building warm. The use of a low wattage oil filled frost heater is recommended and kept on a low setting, especially when the building is left for prolonged periods.


Air Conditioning unit supplied with 5 year manufacturers warranty and must be maintained 12 monthly in accordance to manufacturers warranty guidance notes.


Guarantee Period (Years)





Building Steel Frame Structure





External Wall – Insulated Steel Panels




External Wall Cladding Timber





Internal walls (excluding settlement gaps and cracks)





Aluminium Windows & Doors – frames (against rotting, warping, peeling, fading, and flaking)





Sealed units (Glass) (From condensation but excluding all damage at any time)





Window & Door Furniture and Hardware (Handles and hinges etc)





Aluminium profiles 





EPDM rubber roof





Soffits and fascia board





Flooring moduleo 





Mitsubishi Power Air conditioning unit 





Electrical fittings 





Frequently Asked Questions:

Sulis Garden Rooms in most cases fall within permitted development.  The exact rules do vary, so we would need to check with your planning authority. However we can handle the planning process for you if required.

Yes they do.
Unlike timber constructed rooms, Sulis Garden Rooms come with a 20 year structural integrity guarantee.

This will depend on any local planning restrictions. Under permitted development, a room over 10 meter square must be within 20m from the original house. It must also not be in front of the front face of the house. However, a survey visit to your garden will enable us to recommend the best position.

Yes, they are warm enough to use throughout the year. They are fully insulated in the floor walls and ceiling with minimum 100mm insulation.

Yes, we are are able to offer a full installation service, enabling you to enjoy your garden room straight away.

Finance can be arranged. Please contact us for more information about this.

Yes we visit your garden as part of the Sulis Garden Rooms design service.

We provide a 3D graphic mockup of your garden room to help you visualise your design. We can provide a full set of drawings if planning permision is required, at a small additional cost.

Depending on size and design, usually 2 working weeks is all it takes for you to start using your new garden room.  

Yes, our designers can work with you to create a custom design perfectly suited to your specific needs and garden style.

We would be happy to discuss this option with you. 

Yes we can fit dividing walls. 

Yes we can fit electric underfloor heating. This will be costed upon request.

Yes this is possible but planning and building regulations would need to be adhered to.   

Yes Solar panels can be installed but we would need to confirm this with your planning authority

Yes, Sulis Garden Rooms are supplied with 50mm sound insulation as standard, in addition to thermal wall, floor and ceilling insulation.

Yes the garden room can be relocated due to our modular construction process, subject to your chosen interior finishes.

With our unique powder coated steel panel finish,  the occasional wash will suffice.  If you have wood detailing we recommend refreshing every 3-10 years depending on your chosen treatment.